We are mainly focused on providing Intellectual Property services to large manufacturers of textile products.

The very fact that the clothing industry invests huge sums to come up with new and original designs each season makes design registration as integral a part of the fashion industry as it is of any other business venture. It is more than required in the fashion world as blatant infringement of novel creations are often defended on the grounds of homage, inspiration and dedication. It is the IP rights that recognise and harness individual creativity and unless the incentive of monopoly right is guaranteed, the designers can neither be stimulated to create nor can they actually be rewarded for their creation.

In today's interconnected global landscape, licensing industrial designs is pivotal for fashion companies. At Zhejiang Huahongtradeco, our expert guidance on licensing helps transform your designs into valuable assets. By licensing your industrial designs, you can broaden your reach, monetize your creative endeavors, and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

Our comprehensive approach to Intellectual Property services means we're here to support you at every stage of your creative journey. Whether it's safeguarding your designs, establishing a unique brand identity, fueling innovation through patent searches, or exploring the potential of industrial design licensing, we possess the expertise to navigate the intricate world of fashion IP.

As you navigate the vast landscape of fashion, remember that we are your dedicated partner in protecting and nurturing your creative endeavors. We share your unwavering passion for fashion and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to help you secure your position in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

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